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Spiritual Incense For Your Guardian Angel.

The incense of the Guardian Angel , like all incense, is called "the first perfume of humanity", it is the perfume of the gods. Since ancient times, the faithful have burned incense to honor their gods and ask them for favors. The symbolic notation has endured, it represents the link between earth and sky, the connection between men and the divine.

The Guardian Angel incense is a very powerful type of incense, which you can use for various rituals.

1.Purification of body and mind.

2.Deep meditation.

3.Contact your angels or spiritual guides.

4.Communication session with the afterlife.

5.Various rituals (new year, happiness, evil eye, etc.).

But the Guardian Angel incense exists above all to be used at a time of your life when you are in a period of doubts, and therefore you need the advice of your Guardian Angel.


First of all, here are the elements you will need to perform the ritual:

A large natural wax candle .

A stick of incense of the Guardian Angel.

Then, do the following.

1.Seclude yourself in a quiet, secluded place to balance the vibrations .

2.Light the Guardian Angel's candle and incense stick.

3.You can also play soft relaxation music.

4.Make yourself comfortable, as it may take time.

5.Start meditating, focusing on the music .

Inhale the incense that you have lit and close your eyes, you must enter a meditative state to come into contact with your Guardian Angel.

Let the mental images that appear scroll through your head, you may see colors appear , in general it is that of our aura that appears to us first. Blue if you are a communicator, yellow if you are interested in the spirit, orange if you are creative, green if you are sentimental, or even purple if you are altruistic.

Call your Guardian Angel, for example with this sentence: "I ask here and now my Guardian Angel to come forward and be present with me". You should feel an energy appear.

Ask your question very clearly, no room for subtleties, and the answer should appear very clearly in your mind.Remember that getting in touch with your Guardian Angel is not always easy, so do not hesitate to start over several times.

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