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We are battling against 4 great individual spiritual authorities

We are battling against 4 Great individual Spiritual Authorities which can be deciphered in entire part 7 of Book of Daniel.


   The spirit of Anti-Christ.

   The Beast carrying her.

   The Babylon the Great [The Mother of all Harlots; the abomination of the earth].

These wicked shrewdness spirits are uniquely doled out to the world for end-time crucial a need. They just work at whatever point there is an earnest need since they don't come out in any case. Thus, the shield that you have to protect yourself is the shield of authentic guidelines and thoughts. You should be told and be affected with divine thoughts.

You needn't bother with a performer on the platform or an inefficient minister that will burn through his time in addressing you. You rather need an educator in light of the fact that a performer will rouse you however an instructor will train you. The weaponized shield of your barrier is a faithful instructor who will teach and effect you with divine expressions of GOD and acquiescence to those words will fashion a shield to your safeguard. The submissive to the guidance of your educator will touch off a shield that will ensure and maintains your otherworldly life in this last day

Be that as it may; I need you to peruse and follow this awesome disclosure message deliberately and takes at all have a place with you and use it to make an important changes in your life. Disclosure 12:12 "Burden to the inhabiters of the earth and of the ocean; for the fallen angel is descended unto you having extraordinary anger, since he knoweth that he hath however a brief timeframe"

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Anti-Christ Babylon the Great Harlots


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