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You must have to Wait for the right time for the Blessings of God for your life. Let God Bless you

Beloved of God. I know and you are aware that we are here on earth to serve God and for God to bless us with all our needs. And we also know that the blessings of God is the one that makes us rich without any sorrow around us, but peace, sound mind, joy etc.

Now is your set time for your Blessings to come from God. Therefore, God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, is telling you according His Word in the Bible in the Book of 1st Samuel chapter 12 verse 16. That stand waiting for Him that He will do a great miracle for you and you will know that He has never hated you, but it is that the time He set to bless, was not due.

And where are you going from the command of God? Oh do you rather believe in the rejected creature of God which is lucifer? The one which will end you into hell, is it that you are but following instead of God the Boss over all things? 1st chronicles chapter 16 verse 30 said if we can wait on Him, He will Honor us and make our Land stable.

So I don't see why anybody would ignore this blessing from God but to kill a human being in other to make money that will take you to hell. Psalm 23 from the verse 1 and He said the Lord Our God is my shepherd and I shall not ever want. Meaning you know and Love God. Therefore, He will give you all things whatever you want. But not from satan. Just stand strong. Be in a belief that God will do it for sooner.. Don't be mislead by lucifer.. Bless You

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