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The day I observed God’s Judgement in the Heavens was fearful and Scary – Pastor Richard

When Jesus took the pastor to the Heavens to observe Judgement for those who had just died on earth, the scene was a very sad one as narrated by the pastor. He observed how Jesus had divided Himself into two: He was on His Throne as the Judge and was also standing by the Pastor giving details of the incident.

The pastor narrated how a woman came before the queue when called upon. She looked very old and like someone who had worked very hard while on earth. Talking about the woman, Jesus said this woman labored day and night. She did My work all the time but had bitterness in her heart. She loved everybody except one person.

Love is non-negotiable in our Christian walk with the Lord. It is a command that we should love everybody irrespective of what happens. Even though the woman was a great woman of the Lord, she fell short because of one person she could not love. The pastor continued because of the bitterness she had in her, a thunderous voice from He who sat upon the throne shouted you shall not enter into my rest, depart (to hell).

He also observed how another man came before the throne upon being called. The man looked as though he was receiving something from above due to how his head was raised. In explaining events to the pastor, Jesus said this man once heard My voice. He saw Me and visions of heaven but refused to walk with me to the end. Then a thunderous voice from he who sat upon the throne shouted you shall not enter into my rest, depart (to hell).

The environment was tense up. Beholding the judgment of God was fearful. It was a true Justice on display with no room for Partiality. After the pastor observed these happenings, Jesus looked at him and said this shall be your portion if you depart from My Righteousness. And if you also hide or conceal My Words, I will turn my back at you and cast you into the Lake of Fire.

May God help us.

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