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TB Joshua - The kind of places to offer prayer

Does the Bible delineate where are the best places to pray? Where did those in Scripture offer their petitions and cries for help? Does it matter whether supplications are made privately or in a public setting? When we do pray, should we always do so by ourselves or are there times when doing so as a group is acceptable?

The ideal location to pray at, if a place can be found that is quiet and offers relatively privacy, is in a home (Matthew 6:6). The early church of God often communed with the Father either in the homes of brethren or in rooms of various sizes (Acts 1:13 - 14, 24 - 25, 12:5, 15.

The Bible records an amazing variety of places where prayer with the Eternal took place.

Jesus was known to pray on the side of a mountain (Matthew 14:23, Mark 6:46, Luke 6:12, 9:28). One time Peter made his supplications known on a friend's roof (Acts 10:9). Petitions have been offered by the side of a river (Acts 16:13), in wilderness areas (Luke 5:16), and in a beautiful garden (Matthew 26:36, Mark 14:32, Luke 22:45). The fighting men of three Israelite tribes cried out to the Eternal and their prayer was heard when they were on a battlefield (1Chronicles 5:18 - 20).

It is always acceptable, whether in the privacy of a home or in some public place, to make our petitions known to God. There are also times, however, when we should pray with others (e.g. during worship services, bible studies, anointing the sick, in times of crisis or personal need, etc.) so that our collective voices reach the ears of the Eternal. Ultimately, the best place to pray is anywhere!

Watch the kind of places where Senior Prophet TB Joshua spend time in fasting and prayer.

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