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Take a Moment and Let’s Pray For A Month of Financial Breakthroughs, Strength and Protection.

Today is 1st December,  the Lord has protected us and given us another chance to live. Let's praise His Holy name for He has done so much for us

   December is the beginning of the end of this year and that shows how far God has brought us.

   As we are about to start the day let's take a moment to pray for financial breakthrough, strength and protection throughout the month and through to the new year.

   Say these prayers with me in faith...

  Father Lord I thank you for today, I thank you for keeping me alive throughout out the year. You have once again given me the chance to see another month and I believe You will surely see me through to the next year. I am very much grateful Lord.

 Lord as the month begins, it is my humble prayer that you give me the strength to sail through. Heal my heart and soul. Father I commit my health and that of the family’s into Thy hands. Let no form form of sickness or weakness take over Your children. I trust You and I believe to will give us the strength to overcome every challenge this month will bring.

  Again Lord I commit my finances into your hand. Lord your child needs You. You know I haven’t been lazy, I have worked hard throughout the year.  Father in heaven please bless my hustle, touch my finances  as word says in Psalm 35: 27  and please block what ever spirit that is taking over my finances . God I believe in You and I know there is going to be a change from this month and beyond.

 Last but not least Father, I pray for your protection. Please cover me with Your blood and with Thy wings. Lord I pray against anything that is not from You. May every spiritual attack in whatever form be conquered in Jesus name. Lord I know with You I am safe because You are the one true God.

Thank You for listening and thank You for the strength, the financial breakthrough and  for the protection.


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