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You're Stewards of Everything But, Possessor of Nothing - Duncan-Williams to Congregants

Nicholas Duncan-Williams is the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry (ACIM), has put forward that Christians must know and accept the fact that, the things they have are just ephemeral and not necessarily their eternal properties. 

"You're are stewards of everything and possessors of nothing". "You don't have anything. I know some of you don't like that, but it is the truth. You don't have anything" he affirmed. 

Trying to explain in his sermon what he meant by suggesting that, he told his church members that, "If you want to know the truth about what I've told you, go the mortuary and you would see people of all sizes, of all statuses and influences and possessions and wealth in life" lying down with nothing.

The founder of the ACIM added, all such persons would be lying in the morgue naked. "They don't have their rich watches, rings, anything. They are stripped of everything".

He continued, this is why man is a steward of everything but actually possess nothing because at the mortuary "All their possession they went to the hospital with is sent home with their loved ones". He added these things happen because, all such possessions are stripped of the dead and he is left with nothing. 

The Archbishop further revealed to his flock that, one reality of life is that, dead bodies are distinguished from one another with number tags placed on their hands. Your identity is reduced to a number tag irrespective of your wealth and status while alive. 

This must serve as a caution to all humans to live a life that pleases God and should not be wasting time using all dubious means to acquire wealth. 

The wealth we struggle through life to acquire are not our eternal properties but we are just stewards of them. 

In addition he said, before you think you have everything, according to the Archbishop, it is his duty to help his followers appreciate the fact that, "You have nothing" affirmed.

This is a truism that most of us find it difficult to appreciate, but no rich person has ever died and has been buried with his wealth before. People must learn to hasten slowly and enjoy lovely fellowship with one another.

Continuing, he stated that, if people are still not comfortable with the sermon, then one should go to the labour ward to witness children being born. "They came naked and naked shall everybody return". 

Nicholas Duncan-Williams delivered this sermon to his church members monitored on his official Facebook page called "Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams". 

In ending he told his church members that, "If you don't understand this principle, then you are to be pitied among all men. And whatever life you think you're living, you're a disappointment to your creator".

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