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Road Accident

Spiritual Benefits Of Rosary Pea That Every One Must Know.

There is a certain seed that everyone has seen but don't know the benefits of it, it is very common in our areas of settlement but due to the lack of knowledge we don't know the benefits of it.

Rosary pea is a plant which contains seeds and it is red and black in colour. It is very hard seed and its not easy to be broken into pieces.

There are soo many spiritual benefits of it that we have to know.

Some spiritual benefits of rosary pea are as follows,

1) For favour:

Add three (3) or seven(7) rosary pea to your pomade and smear it anytime you are going out and see magic on your way.

2) Protect you from fatal accident:

To be prevented from car accident use three(3) or four(4) rosary pea into your top or shit pocket, if there is none in your shirt put them in rag and tie them around top shirt anytime you want to go out in a car you will be prevented from any fatal accident that the devil is planning to lead you into.

Or swallow one of the seed without water as lubricant when swallowing, just use your saliva to accompany it.

It will protect you from an accident that will come on your way.

Note: it will only protect you from the accident within 24hour only.

3) It protects you against gun shot:

Swallow together seven(7) rosary pea and seven(7) grains of paradise(efom wesa) without water within 24hours if anyone shoots you it won't penetrate to harm you.

This is a simple notes on the use of rosary pea which you must know.

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