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How To Make Spiritual Soap For Success - (Easy To Be Prepared By All)

Beloved thank you for having time for this article once again. Please share, comment, like and follow me for more updates on Lifestyle.

In today's articles, I shall be showing my followers how to prepare spiritual soap for themselves to live a successful life and also help your spirits grow very stronger.

One thing we must all know is, God has already prepared everything for us. We have herbs that can help us a lot. It's not everything we are supposed to import into this country. We can do a lot for ourselves.

The following things will be needed if you want to prepare the spiritual soap;

  1. Castor seed(dried).
  2. Palm tree.
  3. Prekese.
  4. Basel leaf(akoko mesa).
  5. Nyenya leaf.
  6. Alata soap.

The aforementioned five elemental herbs will be needed to embark on the making of the spiritual soap. This soap we are going to make will help you prevent the following problems;

  1. Marriage problems.
  2. Alcoholism addiction.
  3. Masturbation.
  4. Slow business.
  5. Spiritual marriage.

Direction to follow in making of the soap

  1. Put the Alata soap into a mortar.
  2. Add the five elemental herbs to the Alata soap in the mortar and grind them with them a pestle.
  3. After you have gotten a uniform mixture, you can add 6 o'clock flower to it.
  4. After you have gotten a complete mixture, then you collect it into any sizable container of your choice.
  5. Congratulations your soap is ready for action.

What you will do is, early in the morning when you wake up from bed and you want to bath for work, bath with the soap before you step out.

In the evening before you go to bed, make sure you pray on the soap and bath with it. Tell God your problems and everything will be good for you.

Above all, your faith will determine if it will work for you or not. Faith is power.

I believe this was helpful. If there's something you don't understand in this article, please don't hesitate to ask me inside the comment section. Thank you.

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