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Pastor Tell Listeners In A Bus That They Are To Pay Offertory After He Preaches By Hook Or Crook

Hi there. Good day lovely reader. Welcome back. This is not meant to speak against or advertise anything of the sort but to update you.

Men of God are people that many of us in this world respect a lot. We heed to the pieces of advice that they give us all the time. However the job of a man if God is not only in the church. Many men of God are Evangelists who move in day in day out to win souls for God and help people to get the chance to also make it to Heaven or Paradise. These people do well since they move from one place to another and help people to get the chance to draw closer to God.

Photo Credit: Ghgossip

There is a man of God who has caught some attention online recently. This preacher was seen propagating the word of God with some passengers in a bus.

The man of God after preaching told the passengers every passenger in the bus was supposed to pay offertory whether they were moved by his preaching or not. Well this style of receiving offertory is not one that many men of God use. This man of God meant business and will do just as the Bible tells him to do.

He mentioned that things were not going so well so the audience should all pay offertory.

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