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The Church Of Pentecost Must Be Audited Immediately - Another Bold Message To Church Leaders.

In every institution or organization, one of the most essential element is accountability. As long us congregation are responding to their duties of giving, it is expected that the religious leaders should render the best form of account to the people. In the long term, there should be the need to audit the account of the Union.

The Church of Pentecost appeared in the news headlines yesterday and everyone is talking about it. It happened that, the leadership of the Church of Pentecost is complaining bitterly over how tithe donations to the church has reduced. In the letter, the Church outlined some of the possible causes which could lead to situation. One of the happens to be the Covid 19 outbreak which has rendered many unemployed and the other factor is mainly concern about the Russia - Ukraine War.

Captain Smart reacting to this letter, send a bold message to the leadership of the Church and the need for them to be audited. According to Captain Smart, there must not be any means for which the letter from the Chairman of the Church of Pentecost should leak to the general public.

In Captain Smart's view, those who have been copied must be questioned about the leakage of the letter. "There is no way the letter from my Chairman, Apostle Eric Nyamekye should leak. Someone must be hold responsible for this. On the other hand, the Church of Pentecost and all other churches must be audited as soon as possible. There are some people within the church who are making it from the poor people at the local level. All Churches must also learn how to seminate thier letters to prevent leakage in the public domain". - Captain Smart Hints.

Captain Smart disclose that, he is a true member of the Church of Pentecost and the right thing must be done.

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