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Prayer Points To Attract Financial Favours

We always finds it difficult to pray before we start to work or move around forgetting that, there is God who always protect us from the hands of the devil.

If you finds it difficult to attract or get favours from people then today is your day of happiness.

As it is stated biblically that, we should ask and it shall be given to us, then ask God to bless you to attract favour by saying the following prayer points below.

You are the ruler of everything, bless me and let me attract favours from peoe as I move out today in the Mighty name of Jesus.

The Lord of Isreal, any demonic and evil spirits that has closed my door of atractting favours shall be destroyed in Jesus name.

My Father, my Father, let the spirits of favours locate me and support my financial needs in the name of Jesus.

As I walk out today, bless me with my helper in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ amen.

The owner of everything, I need a financial helper as I move out this morning, bless me with favours in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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