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Use Only Salt And Receive Money Without Asking For It

we want to give you some spiritual tips and the most important to shower with salt, in the occasion that a person needs to get rich in their family and have great achievement throughout their entire life. 

Basically salt has a great spiritual benefit which many people don't know, in this article we are actually going to teach you how to use salt to protect yourself and also become rich or prosper respectively.

Salt is a mineral that is made of soldium chloride, and is also a chemical compound that belongs to the large class of salts, and It's produce in the form of the natural crystalline mineral which is commonly known as rock salt or halite. Salt is made in a huge amount in seawater.

The good minerals in salt it perform as essential electrolytes in the body system, they actually came in the aid with fluid balance, nerve dynamics and muscle function. Indeed some quantity of salts is naturally found in some food, it's also put in food for a taste and in other to improve flavor. they can be utilize for medicinal purposes.


1. Fetch water in a bucket

2. Take a cup of salt and say that I want be rich or I want to flourish onto the salt and then after that pour the salt into the water.

3.Cover the process with white clothe and then leave it for about 20 minutes.

4. If the 20 minutes is due go and take it and bath. You will thanks me later

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