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How to win the battle of the mind

Let no one be ignorant of the schemes and devices of the enemy

Understand that battles are won in the mind before the very presence of the physical battle. When David met Goliath in the book of second Samuel we knew that he contemplated the defeat of the giant Goliath in his mind and he knew that he had already won it

For any circumstance to control your life,there is a chance that it gets hold of you through the mind. The mind is the battlefield on which victory is won. In the following scripture I will tell you how Jesus overcame Satan temptation and that is the only way out to winning the battle against the enemy

Luke 4:1-13 . In here , Jesus clearly demonstrated that to win the battle against wars in our life we need to arm ourselves with the true word of God. You could see from the above scripture that Jesus resisted the devil and his temptation by quoting the word of God to counter attack him(Satan)

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free" Jesus said . The truth is the word of God. The truth is not anything aside the word of God, and knowing the word of God is above 90% success in the battle against Satan

Saint Paul said in Eph.6 that we don't fight against flesh and blood. Imagine then that to win you don't take blows to beat those against you; you arm yourself with the truth from the word of God

Also know that keeping the word but refusing to take action base on it against the circumstances of your life is like covering a lighted bulb in a box. This is what James 2:6 says ,"Faith without action is dead" This means you can still loose the battle if you only keep the word without applying it in your life.

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