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Find out what happens when you sing Worship and Praises at home – Occult Confession

However, whenever God's children play Christian music, I saw the angel of God connected to the song landing around them. When you hear songs of worship and praise that are inspired, I saw the angel of the Lord coming down. You won't see him but I used to see him for I was monitoring God's children.

When you wake up in the morning and you play songs of worship and praise, I saw the angel of the Lord descending and cleaning the house from witchcraft activity that occurred in the night while you slept. It is best for a Christian to listen to inspired Christian music; for the angel connected to the music will come down.

On the other hand, whenever you play secular music, a demon will come down to your home. You must always hear songs of worship with the children at home. For whenever children learn to sing songs of worship, it is dangerous in the spirit world.

When children sing, even with difficulty, the angel of the Lord descends. We must get the children to learn to sing songs of worship. I know children who had destroyed witches and wizards because of songs of worship.

In my village, there was a child that used to sing a popular song of worship every morning when he wakes up. Many queens of witchcraft fear to come close to the child. One of them that tried to breach the perimeter of protection of the child was killed. No one could come against the child. I remember I was still a witch back then, but I was powerless against the child for he was singing everyday songs of worship.

Brother, when you build a life for personal praise and worship, the enemy will be crushed and the bondage of your life will fall, for the Lord dwell in the midst of the praise of His people. God’s people fail to understand the power of personal praise and worship in daily devotion. We knew that whoever dared to eliminate the child will face death.

Therefore, we agreed on a strategy that consisted of causing his parents not to take him to church anymore. Because his parents began to leave him at home when going to church, this child was exposed to worldly music and he was no longer strong for he began to sing worldly music instead of songs of worship and praise. I was in a perpetual war against God's children. I was monitoring them and watching them in order to find vulnerability in their lives.

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