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Not everyone will hear the sound of the trumpet

In a second, inside the squint of an eye fixed , at the last trumpet: for the trumpet will sound and accordingly the dead will be raised honest and that we will be changed (1 Corinthians 15:52). 

At the euphoria, not every person will hear the sound of the trumpet. it's discernible just to the Christians who have as of now passed on in Christ and to those living now . Every other person will not hear it in light of the fact that the sound of the trumpet would just be heard by confidence. it's not something you'll endeavor to hear, in light of the fact that as a Christian you're now living inside the confidence. Everything in your life and relationship with God is in confidence; That is the reason you'll hear it. 

The Holy book says: "By confidence, Enoch was interpreted that he shouldn't see passing; and wasn't found ... "(Jews 11: 5). He was raptured from the religion . So along with your confidence in Jesus you have nothing to fear. Trust that when it sounds you'll hear the trumpet. 

As perused in our topic stanza, the sound of the trumpet sounds quicker than the snap of a finger. Quickly we are gone and unexpectedly we are in paradise. Each Christian should go at the joy. It thusly implies any individual who doesn't take the "main flight" has not lived for the Master. 

Keep your confidence alive and live for Expert daily . enter love and exemplary nature. have some expertise in setting others up for the satisfaction and realm of God.

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