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Let’s Go Rwandan Way To Bring Sanity – Cardinal Turkson

Amid growing discomfort about the way charlatans, parading as men of God, are taking advantage of the fear of insecurity of some people to swindle them, a respected Ghanaian Catholic Priest, is floating the idea that Ghana goes the Rwandan way to bring some level of sanity to Christian religious worship in the country.

He says Ghana could take some lessons from the Rwanda, where 6,000 churches have since 2018 been shut down - forced to stop operating.

In an interview he gave to an Accra radio station on the decision by the police administration to analyze a trove of video footages on the 31st December watchnight prophecies, to determine which of them crossed the red lines, Cardinal Turkson said “so if in that case as you say, the IGP says things will be scrutinized and all of that, I think probably we can also learn from Rwanda.

In the case of Rwanda, the proliferation of churches is also being brought to control, and I think there is a law in Rwanda that says there are conditions which pastors or church founders must fulfil.”

He explained that church must be a place for God’s presence and hope.

“The end of year moment, you know again is a transition point and it can be hyped up by a sense of anxiety about the future and all of that, but precisely this is what is not supposed to be in the church because the church is the place where people are assured of God’s closeness and presence.

People should therefore be encouraged to hold the hand of God and hold on to it and step into the future, rather than be thrown into a frenzy of uncertainty, insecurity and therefore fear for which they need somebody to predict the future for them.”

The police have warned that any so-called man of God found to have made apocalyptic prophecies are not going to get away with any that.

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