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Video Of The Day: Salah Party Meat Served With Shovel.

Because of what I've witnessed with my own eyes, I'd prefer to be born as a Muslim in my next life. According to discoveries, they were given the name "npepefuo" due of their honesty. According to legend, a merchant entrusted his wares to a Muslim brother and set out on a lengthy journey. Surprisingly, when he returned, he found his possessions in exactly the same condition as when he left them. The Muslim caretaker didn't even look inside to check what was inside, which anyone would have done a few hours after the owner had left. In a nutshell, "Npepefuo" translates to "Exact People."

Yesterday's EID festival was remarkable, but only because a catastrophe occurred at Abuobo number 2 in Kumasi; otherwise, everything was fine. Salah parties could be found all across the country. Even Christians had a better time at the celebration than the Muslims.

One of the Salah parties was particularly memorable. It can be seen in the video that over one cow was cooked and shared among the celebrants, regardless of where they came from. The meat was so plentiful that the people had to be served with a shovel. This is the first time I've ever seen a shovel employed to fulfill a spoon-like function.

Watch video here

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Muslim Salah Party Shovel


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