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Powerful Angels and their field of Operation

Angels are entities created by the Most High God to control various creations, and also there as Divine messengers in a service to mankind. Some Angels were called through fire by their origin.Time will not permit to tell much about them in details here. Most of us only know few well known Angels mentioned in the Bible like Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Rafael and Haniel.

Today, you are going to know some more powerful Angels and their field of Operations.

Archangel Raziel. This Archangel is knowledgeable in several mystical arts and can explain the truth behind many truths in the Universe. One of the most interesting thing Raziel can give you is the understanding of the energy current in the Universe and how to manipulate them to various ends.

Archangel Tzaphqiel. This Archangel is omniscient, in that he has seen everything that has ever occurred. As a result he can tell you of many hidden truths, but must first be convinced of your need to know them. Make sure your intentions in asking Tzaphqiel's help are pure, because he will be able to see through you if you are lying.

Archangel Kamael. He appears as a warrior dressed in a red tunic. He wears green armor plates and an iron helmet. He carries a scale of justice and has large green wings. The most impressive trait of this archangel is his knowledge of karma. Kamael can show you how to make up for bad karma and, consequently, how to purify yourself in this incarnation. This archangel also acts as a kind of judge and can act on your part to make sure justice is served.

Kamael's aid can be particularly helpful if you are involved in some type of legal dispute, but he will only help if he feels you are honest.

Archangel Hihaiah.This angel appears as a middle-aged woman with red hair. She wears a gray robe and a red belt and carries a yellow scroll in her right hand. There are secrets in th e universe that are hidden in plain sight through the use of symbolism. Hihaiah can show you how to find the true meaning of symbols used in the world for mission accomplishment.

Archangel Sandalphon. The primary function of this Archangel is to act as quide. If you need advice regarding communication with entities from elemental or planetary sphere. Can also help steer you in right direction.

More Angel are the to assist human being in times of trouble or need. One need to position him or herself to attract the for support. of them.

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