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Pray these prayers for a good night sleep

Pray these prayers for a good night's sleep.

1:Bible says you give your beloved ones sleep, so Lord give me sleep.

2: l link my soul and spirit to receive divine inspiration from you.

3: I bind every form of a demonic dream in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

5: I break my soul from every evil chain in the mighty name of Jesus.

6: Dear Lord, show me my future in my dream.

7: Lord, wherever my soul goes to when I'm asleep, I pray it sticks with your kingdom.

8: may the Angel of the Lord over-take, chase, and pursue every man or woman after my life.

9: Lord surrounds me with your love and protection when I sleep.

10: lord, this night I sleep in your arms.

11:Lord as I lie down, let me be in the place of safety.

12: Dear Lord I bind every force of interference from the enemies kingdom.

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