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Fours persons in the Bible who were not born by woman

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We have another exciting topic for you today. Today's topic is a bit odd and very interesting. Let us look at four persons who were not born or who were not born by a woman. If they were not born, then how come they existed. Well let us find out.

1. God

Number one on the list if the Almighty God. He is not a person. He is a spirit. He is the Most High God. He created everything on the planet. He was not born. He has no beginning and also no end.

2. Elijah

This great prophet in the Bible was also not born. He didn't die either. No one knows where he came from. He also didn't die but ascended to Heaven. He was not born by any woman

3. Adam

The first man God created is Adam. He was not born by any woman. He was created out of dust and breath.

4. Eve

This is our forth person on our list. Eve was also not born by any woman. She was formed out of a man. 

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