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A former Freemason has described how devils and angels act on each day of the week.

A former occult freemason has shed further information on how angels and Satan act in specific situations. He began by pleading with God's children to learn how to form a circle of protection and fire around their homes, properties, and themselves by using spoken word and proclamation.

“When you construct a protective circle around your life and property, a circle of fire and rays from the third heaven will appear,” he stated. When a circle and a line of fire descend on your life and property, no one will be able to cross through.

To show their appreciation for our strength, the mystic always draws a black circle. If you vow that no one will pass, no one will. I'd like to investigate the devil's work in the local church. To begin, a radiant angel of God descends on every alive church on the earth every Saturday at midnight.”

He stated that the objective of this angel's visit to the local church on Sunday morning is to create an attraction power that will pull God's children to church on Sunday. On Sunday morning, when the Lord's angel arrives at the local church, the devil sends his own angel to keep God's children from going.

A separate angel of God rules over each day of the week. Because the devil is an imposter of God's authority, he has delegated control over the seven days of the week to seven dark angels. The angel in charge of Sunday is the Sun God.

“I used to use the pyramid to travel to the sun and meet the Sun God,” he added. As a result, each month of the year is overseen by an angel of the Lord. Furthermore, the devil assigns a demon to each month of the year. Satan's angel leads God's children to miss or arrive late for church on Sundays.

Every living church is guarded by an angel of the Lord, as well as a bright light and fire. Every satanic church, on the other hand, is guarded by a demon with a red light. The red light denotes the attribute of the devil. At this important point, there are both living and occultic churches. During the service, God's angel strives to lure people to the church, while Satan's angel strives to keep them away.”

He went on to say that this demonic angel is in charge of soul-winning and evangelical outreach. On the earth, there are conflicts and squabbles for every man's soul. Between the worlds of light and darkness, a fight for men's souls is happening. A Christian commits a war crime when he leaves his home to evangelize. Invading the enemy's camp is like to spreading the gospel to the masses.

When a soul leaves his home and makes the first step toward evangelism, an angel of the Lord will come to his aid. This is, indeed, the evangelist's angel. Christians who evangelize at crossroads are despised by Satanists. It's a good place for them.

Many intersections and roundabouts are outfitted with nets and booby traps. When a Christian evangelizes at a crossroads, the Lord's angel will block the four sides of the crossroads. As a result, a demon that had been stationed at the crossroads for some time flees.

“Evangelism and soul-winning are the most dangerous acts one can engage in against the adversary,” he continued. In this struggle for the enemy's prey, many souls are kept captive. When God's children went out into the streets to proclaim the Gospel, strange things happened.

I witnessed fire erupt from their mouths and travel in the form of balls of fire to reach people from huge distances when they preached the Gospel on the street. Anyone who can hear their speech will see bolts of fire explode from their mouths as a result of the Gospel being preached.

The seed of the Word was planted in their hearts and sealed in their memory when the word that poured out like balls of fire touched their souls. As a result, many people converted to Christ even weeks and months after hearing the Word.

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