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Some strange wonders of the great Okomfo Anokye that we were never told.

Okomfo Kwame Anokye Frimpon Kotobre, known as Okomfo Anokye, was a Ghanaian first fetish priest (a traditional spiritual leader)) of the Ashanti Empire. He is well known for been very instrumental in the creation of the Ashanti Empire.

The tales, the wonders and the miracles of Okomfo Anokye is not known only in Ghana, but have traveled far and wide.

According to history, Okomfo Anokye was born holding gifts from the gods; totem poles which were firmly clinched to his palms.

Fetish Priest Okomfo Anokye has performed many wonders and miracles of which only few are known to this generation. 

The most common of his wonders, which is well known, is the chanting of a golden stool from the heavens, and the burying of a sword into the ground that nobody has been able to pull out till today.

The sword which is situated on the grounds of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, in Kumasi, is a symbol of unity and strength of the Ashanti people. Okomfo Anokye, a high priest and co-founder of the Ashanti kingdom, planted the sword over three centuries ago, and it is believed, that the sword is unmovable. ... His magic rituals aided the Ashanti people in defeating Denkyira, a nearby Akan state.

Beside chanting of the Golden Stool from heaven and planting of a sword into the ground, it is also alleged, that on ceremonial days, if the people of Awukugua were short of palm-wine, Okomfo Anokye would climb up that oil-palm tree by the street with his wooden sandals on, and would bend a branch and use it as a pipe through which the palm-wine would flow, and people would collect it beneath the tree.

Below are some more wonders of Okonfo Anokye you might not yet heard of.

 Plantain Miracle.

OKomfo Anokye was alleged to have cooked a plantain, planted it; and it germinated t immediately… it grew, ripened and was harvested on the same day in front of a large group of people.

Commanded the Rain.

It was also alleged that, once upon a time during a festival ceremony, it started raining, but OKomfo Anokye commanded the rain to stop.

The gift of teleportation.

History again revealed to us that, when he was still a young boy, OKomfo Anokye and his parents went to the farm; and as it was getting dark, the rain started falling. Immediately… OKomfo Anokye disappeared into the forest, and came back with some leaves… and asked his parents to put the leaves in their armpits, and asked them to close their eyes. Immediately they closed their eyes and open, they found themselves back at home.


A stream of water drained.

Another miracle of OKomfo Anokye was draining water out of Agyempansu stream in Kumasi; when he brought the stream back, he named it Suben.

Without getting wet.

Would you believe if I tell you, that one of Okomfo Anokye’s greatest miracles is walking in a rain without getting wet? Yes, he did…he walked through rain but was not wet.

Another great wonders of the great Anokyewas dashing an egg against a rock without breaking. He could also invoke water from a rock, which is used for cooking. 

History also taught us that, Okomfo Anokye did not die but disappeared into the air; and that, nobody knows where he was buried or where he went. In his end times, the great Okomfo Kwame Anokye Frimpong Kotobre was also said to have given something to a hunter, which is still used by the chief of Gyasase as part of the heirloom.

Do you know of any other miracles of Okomfo Anokye that is not list here;…or do you know of any fetish priest… past or present that is more powerful that Okomfo Anokye?

Please share with us in the comment bow below.

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