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Husband and wife relationship

Marrying A Church Girl May As Well Be the Worst Mistake You Can Make.

Most of the time men misconstrue a church-going girl for a wife material or one that is well-mannered and cultured but this assertion is far from the truth. It is often said that the church is a hospital for sinners thus most people especially women you see are attempting to redeem their image or their souls from errors of the past.

To see sister AB in her tall headgear with a big Bible under her armpit hurrying to church with some hymn being hummed by her is no indication of her suitability for marriage. Neither is the one who goes to church early to go and sweep or clean the church early Sunday mornings the right one for you.

It's even become more dangerous in our time to decide to settle for a lady in the church because of her church-going ability. In our time church has become something of a ritual or an association where people attend to while away their time away.

The motivation for people attending church these days has little to do with heaven. For a lot of women, it's about husbands, husbands, and husbands while for the men it's about visa, properties and money. With such mentality, a woman can pretend forever in the church until you put the ring on it.

Don't marry a church girl but if you must, you must make sure you have dug her out (enquired about her) thoroughly from places either than the church; It's the reason our parent never had it wrong.

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