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Why GOD Makes You Pass Through Pain Before HE Blesses You.

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GOD a merciful Divine being. HE made humans and assigned to them their purpose. Each person got his/her purposes whether normal or great. The world is full of ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, disappointment and surprises so as being blessed(rich) or poor. Everyone dream is to make it and become successful in life. Some believe in hardwork, others in Spiritual means and others through social vices etc.

GOD controls everything. HE knows the beginning till the end. HE knows those who will end up becoming blessed and those who won't make it. Blessings especially from GOD doesn't come with ease. GOD can just with a commanding word grants you your blessing wish but no, HE stresses and makes you pass through pain before HE grants you and here are the reasons why;

* GOD first introduces you to HIM physically and spiritually: GOD does whatever pleases HIM. GOD chooses to bless irrespective of you knowing HIM or not, but when it's time for GOD to bless you, HE makes you know HIM mandatory or forcely. It's not easy moving from one life to another so as moving from a free living lifestyle to a life of Righteousness. Getting closer to GOD requires endurance because you will pass through a lot( temptations, desire to return to your former lifestyle etc). GOD introduces you to HIM in order to know HIS ways, HIS plans, HIS do's and don'ts etc.

* GOD prepares you: This is generally the main reason for passing through pain before getting blessed by GOD. GOD thoroughly, adequately, vividly and efficiently prepares you. HE prepares you with HIS all. Every purpose on earth comes with it's preparation. The bigger the purpose, the more stressful the preparation. Most at times, GOD reduces you to nothing. HE might even make you lose your job, position or get you out from something good you might be doing. HE starts you from the scratch, you might even lose your all. In some cases, GOD might even disconnect your friends from you, you might even lose your wife, husband or date. GOD makes you be alone. HE disconnects all your helpers and relatives from you. HE makes people get completely fed up with you. GOD does all these so to notify you that all can ignore you and you need no one in your life except GOD and GOD alone.

Sometimes GOD can make you completely jobless or make you do something that you had never dream of doing. Your life might be completely stagnant. Your mates and friends will be moving so much ahead of you. Your juniors will be by passing you in life. You might lose all your respect. GOD makes poverty heavily falls on you. You might even be struggling of what to eat. GOD mainly does these things so you will know how people are struggling in life and to have a feel of their experience. GOD makes you pass through this so as to help the poor and needy when HE Blesses you.

Biblically, David was turned into a house servant and was doing all the house chores. He had the choice to stop but was still doing. GOD turned him into a shepherd where he sometimes even battles bears and lions in protecting his flocks. You know why GOD made him pass through??? Because David will end up becoming the king of Isreal and will be his duty to protect his people. David being the shepherd was King, the flocks being the Isrealites and the lions and bears he battled being their enemies mostly the Philistines. David preparation and struggles was in line with his purposes on earth. Joseph on the other hand was being sold by his brothers to a different land. He went to serve in potiphar's house, later accused of rape then sent to prison where he got the gift of dream interpretation and later ending up becoming prime minister of Egypt. Joseph's preparation and struggles were also in line with his purposes on earth.

Every good thing first passed through worst. GOD just doesn't make you pass through pain and struggles. He rather prepares you for your purpose just that the process is hard and unbearable. Every struggle matches it's purpose. Don't make fun of someone who is struggling in life today because he/she might end up rich one day just that the person might be in his preparation time. If Jesus Christ being the son of GOD passed through severe pain before getting all the glory both in heaven and on earth, how much more you.

If you want to be bless, then be prepared for pain too. During your preparation time, you might think GOD doesn't even exist. The process to your blessing from GOD is painful but it matches your purpose. After every storm, there is a paradise. It is better to pass through struggles and pain to get GOD's blessings than to pass through an easy process through the devil and struggles afterwards.

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