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Occupants of the Dagbon kingdom since 1400s

The traditional kingdom of Dagbon with Tahozie- the Red Hunter as it's root, is the kingdom of the Dagombas. It is found in the northern region of Ghana. These people speak dagbani language and Islam is the main religion.

Occupants of the Dagbon skin bear the title "Yaa Naa" which means king of strength. This title was coined by Naa Shitobu (one of the three sons of Tohazie) and has since then become the title of Dagbon chiefs.

The following are the occupants of the kingdom since dagbon was found by Sitibou in 1416.

Yaa Naa Nyagse: 1416-1432

Yaa Naa Zulandi: 1432–1442

Yaa Naa Bierigudeera: 1442–1454

Yaa Naa Darigudeera: 1454-1469

Yaa Naa Zolgu: 1469-141486

Yaa Naa Zongma: 1486-1506

Yaa Naa Ningmitooni: 1506-1514

Yaa Naa Dimani: 1514-1527

Yaa Naa Yenzoe: 1527-1543

Yaa Naa Dariziegu: 1543-1554

Yaa Naa Luro: 1554-1570

Yaa Naa Titugri: 1570-1589

Yaa Naa Zagli: 1589-1608

Yaa Naa Zolkugli: 1609-1627

Yaa Naa Gungonbli: 1627-1648

Yaa Naa Zangina: 1648-1677

Yaa Naa Andani I: 1677-1687

Yaa Naa Binbiegu 1687-1700

Yaa Naa Gariba: 1700-1720

Yaa Naa Nasaalan Ziblim: 1720-1735

Yaa Naa Ziblim Bandanna: 17351740

Yaa Naa Andani II: 1740-1760

Yaa Naa Ziblim Kulungu: 1760-1778

Yaa Naa Sumani Zoli: 1778-1779

Yaa Naa Yakubu I: 17791839

Yaa Naa Abdulai I: 1839-1858

Yaa Naa Andani II: 1858-1896

Yaa Naa Alasan: 1899- 1917

Yaa Naa Abdulai II: 1920-1938

Yaa Naa Mahama: 1938-1948

Yaa Naa Mahama III: 19481953

Yaa Naa Abdulai III: 1954-1967

Yaa Naa Andani III: 1968-1969

Yaa Naa Mahama IV: 1969-1974

Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani II: 1974-2002( He was murdered in 2002 with 39 of his elders)

Yaa Naa Abukari Mahama II: 2019-present.





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