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Church and leaders must stand up and call out false prophets In Ghana.

It is becoming unthinkable how religious denominations has now become like a new era of salve trade to the people of Ghana.

Religion we all know is a way of worshipping and showing our appreciation to our maker has now turned out to be a way of selling our conscience to our so called pastors and prophets

Today, people have now become prey to their prophets, pastors and many other matters. And as a result, making the environment of Ghana unfriendly for the worship and praising of God.

The Bible which we all know is a true book of God has now been interpreted in many wrongful ways due the abundance of false pastors and prophets and the interpretations they give to the Word of God to satisfy their own parochial interests have planted deep-seated doubts in the minds of many for them to begin to rubbish it.

These fake pastors interpret the contents of the bible in such a way as to plant fear into people, make them lazy as not to use their God-endowed brains to think intelligently, and also make them believe and accept the fact that by being poor, while they the pastors live in riches, they will go to heaven.

The false prophets always predict doom on your life to make you so scared that you will have to depend on them to liberate you from your so-called impending calamity but only for them to make you a lapdog to be easily manipulated at their whim.

Fellow Ghanaians and Africans, please let us be wise as the serpent to avoid these fake pastors and prophets in Ghana.

Do we have to wait for more harm to be caused before we step our feet on the grounds ? Christian council needs to wake up from its naughty slumber and takes a firm decision which can cleanse the system and make a Ghana a better place for christianity and humanity.

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