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We're Too Young To Fake God; Stop The Pomposity And Come To Me For Favours- Nigel Gaisie

The Founder and Leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has shot at critics that he is refine of God and cannot 'fake' the work he does at his church. He noted that the miracles, healings and prophetic ministrations he gives are genuine and with good testimonies.

Speaking on Power FM's Voice of Destiny Show this dawn, Prophet Nigel Gaisie indicated that for the pride in some men of God, they are unable to approach him to take into his favours and blessings, so they could grow their church and win more souls of God.

He continued that there is evidence to suggest the at some men of God are struggling to sustain their ministries because they do not have the favours and anointing of God. This he stressed should be a reason for them to trust in him to lead them into greatness.

“We are too young to fake God. My men and me are too young to fake God. So, what we are doing is a serious matter. We don’t want the negative consequences for doing that.

"Some men of God are struggling. They don’t have the favour of God and because of pomposity they won’t come to me. That will kill you."

As though he knew there are doubts that some people have harbored about him, the Prophet alleged that even for Jehovah Witnesses who abhor blood transfusion, their leaders secretly take it when things get critical.

He stressed that it behooves on those we seek the truth and redemption to admit his call.

"It’s like the Jehovah witnesses insisting they will not take blood transfusion but I tell you your leadership take it more than anyone. I speak the truth and you will hate me because you are shallow minded," Nigel Gaisie emphasized.

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