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Even though I had spent 9 years in the Occult Sea world, it looked like I had spent some few months

This is the continuation of Kalu Abosi’s story. He was born naturally but when he joined occult, was given birth again by another woman which was easily made possible because their occultic powers. Please click on the + Follow button for more of such posts and share this story as well. Continue reading.

He said that as a learner, he was informed that he would be subjected to training sessions in the palace beneath the sea. This were a series of lectures given by different appointed teachers each day, who would leave pamphlets for him to read before moving on to the next study. The lectures were given in topical order and addressed his intent and assignments. They had already acclimated him to their language at this point.

Some of what he was taught was puzzling, but he had a lot of questions during the lectures. One was whether he could return to Earth with his face without his people being afraid, and who would be his parents now that his real parents were dead, and which country he would be born in, among many other intriguing questions.

He went on, "My lecturers assured me that answers would be given when the time came." I inquired as to how many years I had spent in their kingdom at the time. I was told it would take nine years. To me, it seemed to be a few months.

Since the meal served there included meat and blood, which I could not consume, an agent was assigned to supply me with assorted fruit while I waited behind the door each day. Later, I was introduced to a tree outside, in a specific area. This tree had a variety of fruits growing on it, so whenever I got hungry, I'd go out there to feed myself,” he added.

The Queen summoned him to her private chamber one day and told him about the advantages of consuming their meal, being human flesh and blood. "There's nothing particularly negative about it," she told him. If you want to complete your assignment, you must consume human flesh and blood.”

He went on, "I said, "I would try the flesh if it was cooked," but the queen flatly told me, "Nothing is cooked here." I promised to try it, and they locked me in a room with about five refrigerators full of human flesh. After a while, I wanted to try the ones that weren't too new in there; those that had been there for a while. I felt like spitting it out after tasting it because it had no flavor.

But, from that day on, I couldn't understand the mystery; I started to enjoy flesh and blood so much that I was always the first to finish my meal whenever it was served. When the queen opened the door to the room that day and discovered I had tried it for the first time, she was overjoyed and arranged for me to be taken on an outing.”

He went on to describe how an agent drove the car (which resembled the exotic computerized vehicles seen in some cartoons or sci-fi films) and the queen took him on a tour of the entire kingdom. The houses and roads were lovely and well-kept, but there were no people on the streets.

He was also brought by the queen of the coast to see the chief of the demi-gods, who bestowed powers upon him. Following this, the queen summoned him for a special outing, and they drove to a place in that realm in another high-tech vehicle.

They landed at a spot where there was a swimming pool with a small amount of water, around 17 buckets. She chanted a long incantation, and the pool's floor opened up, revealing an immense beast from its depths.

It stood there staring menacingly at both of them. The queen then addressed it in an obscure language that the beast understood. The queen approached him and told him not to be afraid, promising to come and pick him up after his adventure.

He tried to run with her away from the beast as she turned to leave, but to his utter horror, he found himself right in its huge hands, like a grain of sand. It carefully examined him before hurling him into its mouth.

“I found myself descending to see an extensive supermarket that outmatched the world's largest store in scale and beauty,” he added. They were divided into parts, each of which included all of the materials or accessories used on Earth, ranging from toys to computers to musical instruments to beauty items to occult books.

On the shelves containing these demonic books, it was specifically written that these are books used by physical world magicians and occult practitioners. I also went to the section with human flesh and blood and ate and drank my fill before continuing on my tour.

Eventually, the queen appeared at the back of the massive store and drove me home. “Your assignment is to transport all those goods you saw in the beast to the earth plane by every means possible,” the queen said.

Shortly after this encounter, he was sitting with the queen in her chamber one day, and the room was overflowing with a slew of beautiful women, all of whom were her agents with messages to send to her on their missions. Each of them would first pay obeisance to the queen before offering him another form of obeisance.

"I asked the queen, "Why are your agents paying me obeisance?" he continued. “Your influence and exposure in my kingdom far outweighs theirs,” she responded. This made me happy.” But, this is not the end of the story. The continuation has already been shared, and it can be found on my timeline. I'll go into more detail about this in my upcoming blogs.

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