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Nobody should be surprised muslims will be the majority in the country ; Archbishop Naameh Releases.

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The most controversial journalist Kelvin Ekow Taylor Baidoo has rise again and this time not on politics but now on Church of Pentecost by telling them that Jesus Christ Even endorses Lesbian Gay Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) and he Jesus Christ said that in the end times nations will rise on nations, men will marry men and women will marry women.

Kelvin Taylor added that if the Church of Pentecost is saying that they will go to the extra mile of rejecting anyone who will support LGBTQIA, then it's wrong. Why will the church of pentecost like to stop what the Holy Bible they believe has already talked about in the past centuries.

There are plenty people in their church who are in the community of LGBTQIA, and to the extent that, some elders in your church are commiting bigger crimes but they are not tackling on that. He continue to say that to him, what the Pentecost Church is trying to do is something not sensible and Ghanaians must think about nation building rather than fighting against LGBTQIA people in the country. Kevin Taylor concluded.

For this reasons, Roman Catholic Archbishop Philip Naameh told CNN that being LGBTQIA is against Christianity and Ghanaian culture and that it could make the Muslim population of Ghana increase a majority and potentially turning Ghana into an Islamic state.

He further on to say this is because, Those who are promoting gay and lesbian are not going to have children at all, and within a short time nobody should be surprised that muslims will be the majority in this country and declare as an islamic state. This speach was released at the CNN conference by Archbishop Philip Naameh, the president of the Ghana Catholic bishops.

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