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If You Want To Start Receiving Favours From God, Start Doing These 3 Things

Every man on the planet requires God's blessing. If you find that you rarely feel God's favor in your life, it's time to make a change. Not every attack is a direct strike. It may simply be that you aren't doing the right things to trigger God's favor in your life. Start doing these three things today if you want to begin loving and gaining God's favor in your life. -


Prayers are significant, but worship is even more so. When a woman idolizes her husband, he is compelled to favor her. Similarly, worshiping God provokes Him to favor you in every request you make in accordance with His will. Stop asking and start worshiping, and things will start to fall into place for you easily.


When you evangelize, you allow the Heavens to open up to you. When was the last time you received a soul for Christ? Every Christian is called to go out and win souls. It's not either for pastors or evangelists. You need not wait until your church requests it. Every day, make it your mission to tell someone about God, and the Heavens will shower you with blessings. It's a fundamental principle.


Giving is not obsolete, and it should never be forced. You should not be hesitant to send. You should give from a joyful heart. To begin, pay a tithe of all money that is personally yours. Second, by surrendering to God's will. Third, by sowing a seed in the life of someone who is serving God and receiving the kind of favor you want from God. It might be a financial favor, a marital favor, a childbirth favor, a promotion favor, an academic favor, or a spiritual favor, among other things. Whatever it is, look for signs of life in that field and sow into them with confidence, and things will begin to turn around in your favor.

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