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Do This If You Want New Ideas To Come to Your Mind.

Psalms 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God...

🔑Be Still

Becoming still is key to knowing things. Be still and know.. If you what to know anything that will help you succeed or achieve your goals then you need to master the art of getting still. Get into a state of state rest by calming down. Stop worrying about things and be present with God your creator. He created the vast universe with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 

We must not be busy all the time if we really want to receive fresh thoughts that carry within them visions that are life transforming. 

Worry and fear can block the flow of godly ideas to you. When we rest in the Lord, anything that fights you from having a clear mind settles like sand in a bucket of water and you become aware of what the Lord wants you to do in a particular season. 

🔑Ask Questions 

Spark your curiosity while you are still. Ask the Lord questions and wait for an answer. Be willing stay long in His presence. Don't lean on your own understanding. God wants to help us in this journey of life. He is our shepherd. 

Asking God questions is like using a bucket to draw water from a well. We cannot draw ideas into our mind unless we are present with God in stillness and ask him quietly within our souls questions that relate to his will, plan and purpose for our lives. 

When we do this often, we will discover many wonderful ideas and God will give us vision and direction to bring them into manifestation. New possibilities will open up, road blocks will be removed, and we will see progress in everything we are called to do.

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Thank you. 


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