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If you are a Muslim, read what the bible has said will happen to you once you die

Let those friend yours in Islam know what the bible says about them. Let those friends of yours in Buddhism, Hinduism, traditionalism, Sikhism, bahai, Jainism, Judaism, atheism and Shinto know what the bible says about them.

So, what has the bible said? Let them know that the bible says they will end up in hell for rejecting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. One characteristic of True Love is that, it speaks the truth. If you love them, you will tell them the truth.

Let them know that the bible has decreed that none of them will escape hell if they die in those religions. You cannot persuade or convict anybody, the Holy Spirit of God does. The Holy Spirit anoints words, but the words must first be spoken before he can anoint them.

Therefore, just tell them the truth as it is. The Holy Spirit Himself will know what to do next. Apart from Christianity, no religion in this world believes that Jesus Christ is the Only Saviour of the world. So, let all those friends of yours in other religions know that Jesus Christ is the not just the Son of God but the Only Saviour of the world.

Let your friends in Jehovah witness stop teaching that God does not speak through dreams anymore. Let your friends in Roman Catholic know that there is no Purgatory anywhere. Let your friends in Church of Christ know that speaking in Tongues is not irrelevant. Let everybody know that anyone who does not pay Tithe will end up in Hell.

Let the Catholics know that after death comes heaven or hell, for there is no place the dead go to rest or receive, pardon or mercy (Purgatory); and that, there is only one Mediator between God and Man. Not Mary but Christ Jesus Himself.

And let those people, whether they are friends or not, who are gays, lesbians, lotto stakers, those who have sex outside marriage, smokers, those that post nude pictures online, drunkards, Facebook self-made prophets prophesying falsely, those into sports betting, those robbing God of his tithe, those hacking mtn, scammers, slanderers, greedy people among others; please warn them that there is a Hell after death.

Let them know that anyone who does not die in the Christian religion will end up in Hell. But the good news is that, Jesus is ready to save anybody who will run to Him. As each day passes by, you draw closer to your grave. And after death comes JUDGEMENT.

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