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Volta Region: The Unique Lifestyle Of The People Of Dagbamate And The Their Culture

Dagbamate is a small community in the Akatsi South district of the Volta region. Many strange tales are told about this community. Surprisingly, the worst of tales are told by people who never paid a visit to the land. I had a similar experience when I was posted to do my national service in the community. Many of my friends advised me against going to the community. They claimed the indigenous people of the land are hostile and evil. I said to myself “Well, since other people are managing to survive in the community, I will equally manage”.

I eventually went to Dagbamate to do national service. In this article, I will discuss the way of life of the indigenous people and their ancestral worship. The people of the community are mainly traditional worshippers. They worship the powerful deities of their land.

Sundays are devoted to worship and sacrifices. The shrine which house the gods and oracles of the land is truly a sight to behold! Many people think mud and thatched houses are what mostly provide shelter to the gods of every town or community. But the shrine of the deities of Dagbamate is an ultramodern building designed to house the gods.

1.The shrine of Apetorku(name of deity) in DagbamateThe indigenous people do not joke with their traditions at all. Any attempt to encroach on their traditions is considered a threat which must be resisted with passion.

Christians and other religious worshippers are also in the community. But any religious practice which is considered a threat to the traditional religion is sabotaged by the custodians of the land. One thing you will like about the community is the high level of hospitality offered to strangers. If you are a stranger, you are offered accommodation and comfort according to your merit.

The members of the community will love you more when you avail yourself to worship with them. But woe unto you when you try to look down on their way of life, their traditions or even try to convert their children to Christianity or whichsoever religion. You only do that at your own detriment. The repercussions range from merely making life unbearable in the community to severe punishment such as banishment. If you want to exercise your faith, do so without being a 'nuisance' to the custodians of the land.

The people of Dagbamate have s strong communal spirit. The come together to pull resources to develop the community. The community singlehandedly built an ultramodern ICT centre for their basic school.

2. ICT centre in Dagbamate basic school.Other developmental projects are being undertaken in the school from time to time by community members. The people of Dagbamate do not joke with the education of their children at all. That's why they are always interested in the welfare of the basic school. The community can boast of many men and women of substance who are highly educated. So their interest in the basic school's progress is justified.

3. A benevolent indigene donates furniture to the school.

The indigenous peoples' feet are deeply rooted in the traditions of their ancestors. Their naming ceremonies, marriage and funeral rites are performed in line with the dictates of their “Silent Fathers” and the oracles. There are taboos which the people and strangers strictly adhere to. Nobody sweeps at dusk, precisely 6pm onwards.

Eating of pork is also a sacrilege among the worshippers of the gods; all indigenous people must adhere to the statute. A stranger may eat pork but cannot touch or interact with the citizens of the land until the third day. If you eat pork and have contact with any indigene of the community, the individual(citizen) becomes unclean or defiled.

There are other taboos in the community. The people are always in awe of the gods and oracles. They know the retributions that accompany any misbehavior in the land. Stealing is frowned upon in the community. Anyone who considers himself a daredevil can only do so at his own peril.

There are good dancers, singers and in fact “Master Drummers ” in Dagbamate.

4. Drummers displaying their skills on the drums.Many people who visit the community feel reluctant to go back. They normally rewrite the tales they hear about the small community when in distant lands. There are places in the community to lodge in when you pay a visit.

5. Kathy Armstrong Lodge, Dagbamate.It will be good if everyone far and near throw away their perceptions that the people of Dagbamate are hostile or ruthless. If you do not find a truly hospitable people in Dagbamate, then where else can you find them? Some day, one day, pay a visit to Dagbamate and you will never regret going there!!!

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