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Here Are The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Check Details

Thank you so much for opening this article and I appreciate it a lot. Please in this article I’m going to tell you the seven spiritual laws of success, but before then, kindly click on the +Follow button at your right hand side on top of the opening page to start following me for my daily interesting articles.

1. Pure potentiality.

You need to understand that we are pure consciousness and therefore full of potential. When we are aware of our self, and align with the universe, the possibilities are endless.

2. Giving and Receiving.

The universe operates in a dynamic exchange of energy. What you give, you receive back.

Give unconditionally and show gratitude for what you receive. It will multiply in time.

3. Cause and Effect "No debt goes unpaid ".

Become conscious of your actions and thoughts so you'll sow good seeds and reap good rewards. Practice mindfulness and listen to your intuition.

4. Least Effort.

Lean to let nature's intelligence unfold itself. See law 2 on energy, be in the moment, take responsibility in difficult times, stop ruminating on the negative (energy).

5. Intention and drive. 

What you put your attention on, you attract. Take active and massive actions on your intentions to achieve your desires. Don't let things flow on it own. 

6. Detachment.

By giving up attachment on the outcome, you subdue your Ego. Without being critical and vexed, you allow yourself to be creative and flexible. Be spontaneous!

7. The law of Purpose in Life.

We all have a purpose in life when arrive. Lean to seek within and discover your potential and purpose. Ask your self: "If money of no concern and I had all the time in the world, what would I do?"

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