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"Wonders Shall Never End" Family Dress Their Dead Relative And Stands Him Up For Photoshoot

Could we be living in the Last Days that has always been said? People have been asking this question for years now and Perhaps this question is being asked more today than ever before. There may never be a time in history when end times prophecy is more aligned with the activities of the world than it is now.

It is very hard to ignore the prophetic signs playing out all around us. The “falling away” of the Church, the ravaging toll of pandemics, the silencing of Christians, people having affairs with others of the same gender and even animals, religion rising against other religions and many others.


 One must not necessarily be a biblical scholar to see how Scripture predicted many of the events surrounding us.

What Is this world turning into? Wonders they say will never end and these obnoxious, bizarre happenings around us, is a clear indication that we are living in the end, times.


A family in Anambra State decided to do the unusual. The corpse of one Dr. Luke Nkanele had been in mortuary for about four months before the burial time was due. According to close sources, the departed had valuable status in the family and therefore his loss had tremendous impact on the family.

Rather than they, laying him home down in peace in a casket, they opted to dress him up in his Knight of St Mulumba(KM) attire, made him to stand on his feet someway somehow and started taking turns of photo sessions.

Normally, corpse been placed on a seat to allow the family take turns of pictures with has been heard off in some countries but not to the extent of making the dead stand on his feet.

It is hoped that this particular practice will not come to stay as it may scare most people and prevent them from further attending funerals.

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