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Spiritual Marriage, Its Consequences And Solution

The only Divine sex platform is marriage. (See also Ephesians 5:31 and 1 Corinthians 6:15-16.)

When you have sex, your spirit, soul, and body become one with the person with whom you are having sex. It brings spirits and souls together. The power of a blood covenant is greater.

Evil spirits have sex with you because they understand that marriage is a lifelong commitment, and they do it to keep you enslaved. When you have a dream in which you see yourself having sex with someone, you can usually tell that you have such spirits bothering you. Because it's simpler to fool you, these spirits disguise themselves as people you know or have a crush on. These are referred to as "familiar spirits."

Spiritual rapists are Marine Spirits and Familiar Spirits. How are they able to contaminate your life? They introduce the concept of spiritual sex. (Blaspheme God's temple—your body).

Check out the list below to see if you're dealing with sexual spirits:

1. Marital distress

2. Sexual relationship in dreams

3. Hatred of marriage

4. Being Jilted

5. Unpardonable sexual error

6. Wrong Decisions

7. Neglected Abandon by the opposite sex

8. Demonic dream assistance

9. Swimming or seeing a river in your dream

10. Missing one’s period in the dream

11. Pregnancy in the dream

12. Breastfeeding a baby in the dream

13. Having a family in the dream

14. Shopping with a man/woman in the dream

15. Seeing a man sleeping by one’s side in the dream

16. Hatred by earthly spouse

17. Serious gynaecologist problems

18. Having a miscarriage after a sexual dream

19. Dream marriages

Incubus and succubus are Spirits who have sexual relations with you in a dream (spirit husbands and wives). Fighting with them is more dangerous and difficult. Fast for three days and then pray seriously with Psalm 13 at midnight before sleeping naked. They'll run away from you.

Please pass this information on to your friends and relatives. Please add your thoughts as well.

Content created and supplied by: Bronzeman (via Opera News )

Corinthians Ephesians 5


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