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Video: A Pastor Has Been Forced To Make Animal Sacrifice For Sleeping With A Woman In The Bush

Hello, welcome to a new day in our lives. Thank God for keeping us alive once again.

A news reaching us indicate that, a pastor has been forced to make animal sacrifice to cleanse the land. This is said to be based on the fact that he was caught in the bush sleeping with a woman.

According to source, the pastor came to the town as a great prophet who possesses a very great spiritual power. And he is capable of doing a lot of miracles and wonders.

Wonderfully, he was caught doing his wonderful things with a woman in the bush.

Since this kind of act goes against the norms of the land of the community, the chiefs and their elders also decided to make him pay for the wrong things he has done.

In order to cleanse the land, the made him made animal sacrifice. He bought a ram and other things needed for the sacrifice. He was forced to carry the ram across the streets of the town a an additional punishment.

This was captured in a video which is shown below.

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