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After Staying In Heaven For 16 Hours, This Is What I Saw - Man Of God Narrates.

From the beginning of time to date, we are very much of the communication between God and man.

We are also told that if we allow ourselves, God will also speak through us and reveal many things to us.

On YouTube, an intriguing tale of a man of God has emerged with claims of going to heaven for a duration of about 16 hours. He returned back into this world.

Apostle Muriithi, says that God gave him a tour around heaven. It began after his 14 days fast and in his sleep on the last day, one personality that had his likeness appeared before him.

It is from this that he was transported to a lovely location with lovely gates and walls. He spotted a view of a location close to Heaven.

There appeared to be a lot of screams and confusion, which was a fair representation of hell.

Angels ushered him into the gates of heaven. Afterwards, Jesus stood before him and embraced him.

After, Apostle Muriithi revealed to Jesus that he's God's son. He went on to rub his palm. His body was transformed into that of a seven-year-old child as he entered heaven.

He also saw various section of human body parts whiles walking and Jesus concluded they are of human beings.

At almost the same time, he also came in view with cash and automobiles to which Jesus explained belonged to people of God.

Finally, Jesus demanded that he comes back to which he declined. He was told that he had not completed his assignment on earth so he was brought back to his mortal body after staying sixteen hours in heaven.

The man of God in this article is from Kenya.


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