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1st Day Of August - Read This Bible Verse 7 Times, Bath With Salt water And See What Happens Next.

Today marks not only the first day of the month of August but also the first Sunday which confirms there is something special about this day. According to the Roman calender August is the 8th month of the year and the number eight comes with a lot of goodies that if you pray effervescently with this Bible verse, you will claim these goodies.

Spiritually, the month of August which is the eighth month of the calendar year represents power, wealth , abundance and harmony. In numerology the number 8 is a source of power and in ancient Chinese tradition the number 8 is considered to be the luckiest number.

As Christians we must also know the number 8 which represents the month of August is mentioned a lot tikes and is significant among Christians. According to the Bible the number 8 is considered to be the symbol of creation and new beginning. It is believed that Jesus resurrected on the 17th Nisan and if we take into account 17 is composed of numbers 1 and 7, so we have 1+7 that is 8.

Also, Nisan 17th was actually the 8th day Jesus was selected to be sacrificed. Because of that we can say that the number 8 which stands for August is a symbol of sacrifice and victory.

Now that we have got in depth spiritual and biblical knowledge about the month August, the 8th month of the year and the good things it comes with, to claim your portion of these goodies read the book of proverbs 21:31 continues for seven times and after that bath with water with your handful of sea salt only for today and wait for great miracles in your life. This direction must be done with a clean heart and with faith.

Note that sea salt water spiritually cleanses the soul off any impurities.

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