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Checkout some interesting facts about Ewes

According to The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Ewe's two main occupations are farming and sea fishing, while they also engage in spinning, weaving, pottery making, black-smithing as well as trading (1989, 625).

Ewe religion is organized around a creator god, Mawu (called Nana Buluku by the Fon of Benin), and numerous lesser gods. The worship of the latter pervades daily life, for their assistance is sought in subsistence activities, commerce, and war.

Anlo Ewes in southeastern Ghana commemorate their exodus from Notse in Togo to Ghana with the annual Hogbetsotso festival in November annually. The Ewes are said to have escaped from a ruthless leader called King Agorkoli in Notse, before settling in their present land in Ghana.

Most people assume the ancient Israelites were called Jews. This is because the direct descendants of the ancient Israelites retained the name of their ancestors, which was Erverh (corrupted as Ewe).

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