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Ashanti Region: 19 Year Old Boy Passes Away After Visiting The Mining Site

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Sad news hits Amansie West in the Ashanti Region, This sad news is coming from a small town called Konkom, where it was explained that, a young guy named Amadu Hanvar who is 19 years old, passed away at the gold mines.

Upon our interactions with some of the eye witnesses; They gave us what exactly went on as at the time the boy arrived at the gold mines. 

They started by saying that, Konkom is a galamsey community where day in and day out, the youths goes there to dig gold. They said as for them, the rumours going around that the government said no galamsey is not part of their business, but that's what they do for a living.

They said, it's not that the young guy was sent by someone or he was passing by and fell into the pitch, but rather he went to stand into the pitch and started digging for the gold himself. So the eye witnesses again continued that, they saw the 19 years old boy standing inside the water and staring it, incase he will find a gold. 

But all of a sudden, they saw that the sand have covered the guy, and upon rushing down there to bring him out of the water and sending him to the hospital, the guy passed away. He was sent to Manso Tontokrom health center, and upon reaching the place he lost his life. The sad part of the story is that, when the sand break on him, they searched for him for about 2-3 hours before he was found.

As I am speaking to you now, the body is at the Saint Martin's Catholic Mortuary. Manso Police headquarters have also stepped into the matter and what they are saying is that, they are going to carry out a thorough investigation about the issue, and if should incase the boy was sent by his parents, then they are going to face the law. But if that's not the case they will know what to do next. 

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