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Check Out The Reasons Christians Have Different Bibles

The Bible is a collection of 66 books (or 73 books) depending on your denomination, written by people who were been inspired by the Spirit of God.

The Roman Catholic church has additional seven books in their bible which the protestants Bible does not have. In the same way the Eastern Orthodox church has additional books in their bible which both Protestants and Catholics do not have.

The bible is the only source of authority for protestants Christians normally called Sola Scripture (Only Scripture).

But the question is why do we have different Bibles? Here, I am going to focus on the various translations of the bible, and not why protestants Bible is having 66 books and 73 for that of Catholic's . The answer is simple, Christians do not have different Bibles. The truth is that Christians have only one Bible with different translations. This may be shocking to many critics of the Bible.

Most critics of the bible think that King James bible is different from the New International Version which is also in turn different from Good News Bible.

Yes, there are differences in words and names when you do the comparison but that does not mean that the bible has been edited.

The King James bible was based on Textus Receptus, a very late Greek manuscript document believed to be written by Erasmus, and codex Bezae.

According to scholars such as Daniel Wallace, "we do not have the original autographs of what the apostles wrote, but copies of copies".

The oldest complete Bible of the Christians is codex Sinaiticus and codex Vaticanus both dated to the early 4th century of the common era (CE).

The New International Version was based on both the codex Sinaiticus and codex Vaticanus.

The older the manuscript, the greater its authenticity. This means that the New International Version is likely to have more accurate translation than the King James version because the New International Version used an earlier manuscript unlike the King James version.

Thank you for reading. Follow me for the second and third part of this educational message.

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