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Opinion: If this is what the bible is saying then most Christians and Muslims won't go to heaven.

I get scared whenever I read the book of revelation. My soul cries out loud as if being pierced with a metal but no one hears it except myself. At times I wonder why we are even leaving as humans since after all this troubles and problems we will still die. The sad aspect of it all is the latter part after our death that is either you go to heaven you perish in hell, what a dangerous decision it can be. I was told to follow Christ with all my heart, body and soul. I was thought all his good deeds He came to do on planet earth. My Sunday school teachers told me that if you don't believe in this man there is no way you can make it to the place of eternal enjoyment.

I believed it and I still do but something in the Holy book always keeps me wondering if this promise is even true and if it is true how. In the book of Revelation the Bible makes us understand that God will take a total number of 144,000 people from all the tribes of Israel. They are people he will be coming for and will be leaving with yo heaven. I then asked myself is it that I'm not part or what. Thus that mean I won't make it to heaven even if I follow Jesus or what. My mind has been disturbed for quite sometime now.

Per the emphasis made on the number I came to a conclusion that if this is what the Bible is saying then most Christians and Muslims who are not Jews may not make it to heaven. I want to know the actual ideology behind this. But one thing I know is I will still worship Him, if I die and I go and there is no heaven or no hell I don't loose anything but when I die and go and there is heaven and hell I then loose something. I really need explanations to this statement in the Bible. Any bible scholar can drop his or her comment in the comment section because I'm confused I think most people are too. Are we not going to go to heaven with the Jews or what.

Thank you.

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