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90% of Fair Ladies Have Problems, Their Beauty Becomes Their Curse - Ajaguraja Reveals To Zion Felix

Zion Felix has come to enjoy interviewing Bishop Kwabena Asiamah due to the new and educative spiritual teachings he learns from him. In a recent interview that Zion conducted with the Bishop, the pastor has made some controversial statements that are worth analyzing.

One of his statements was that beautiful fair ladies usually carry curses. He goes on to add that 90% of fair ladies have spiritual problems. He rhetorically asks Zion that how many fair ladies has he seen who have successful marriages and children, he again asked that how many fair ladies with children have a man to call her husband, and how many fair ladies are rich and then have husbands as well?

Asiamah goes on to state that it is a common sight to see a beautiful fair lady who has money but no partner, therefore they end up buying themselves wedding rings to wear in an attempt to cover it up. He adds that "a woman's beauty becomes her curse"

When asked by Zion to explain, Bishop Asiamah backs up his statement by giving pieces of evidence found in the bible about ladies who were considered fair and beautiful. He recounted the bible story of Abraham and his wife Sarah. Sarah was described to be a fair and beautiful lady, who was barren.

He goes on to narrate Abraham and Sarah story saying when they once journeyed to Egypt, Abraham feared for his life as he may be killed for being the husband of the beautiful and fair Sarah.

He also narrates the story of Rebecca and then of Jacob to further support his claims.


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