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Brother Kenzo: The conversation that I had with an Angel when I visited Heaven

This is Kenzo Atsushi's testimony as inscribed on

When our brother in the faith had a supernatural experience with the Lord, they went to Heaven on a visit. As they walked in paradise, the angel that accompanied him showed him a great white temple that shone exceedingly.

When they approached the door of the temple from afar, he said “I saw the angel at the altar with a golden goblet next to a man who was sitting on the throne, whose face I could not see, only from his waist downwards.”

This prompted him to enquire from the angel with regards to what he had seen. He continued "Which angel is he that is on the altar of God the Father? Interestingly, the angel said unto him, "It is the angel priest. It is He who deposits the prayers of the saints that are on the earth. At the right time, the prayers he deposits will be answered."

In front of the angel priest, he saw a group of angels around the altar. Again, he enquired from the accompanying him as to who the angels guarding the altar are.” The angel said, "They are Cherubim. These cherubim are guardians of the Holy Altar."

Then he looked upon the throne and saw angels standing and floating around the Throne, praising the Most High God. Again, he asked the angel, "Who are these?" The angel said, "These are the Seraphim."

When the angel began to walk with him within the temple, with a little distance from the front of the altar, he saw men who were twenty-four in number with white hair whose robes looked like priests. Being curious, the angel said unto him "they are the twenty-four elders who praise God."

He also saw four angels whose bodies were half human, half animals who were just praising God. Again, the angel said unto him, "these four angels are special. Their appearances symbolize the qualities of Jesus. They are the four living beings that John saw when he was on the island of Patmos."

He continued “the angel took me to a part of the temple resembling a cupboard. There, I saw the seven bowls of God's will standing in that chamber. The bowls are golden and giants. On the other side, I saw the golden trumpets.” Then, the angel said, "They are waiting for the angels to be in use. These trumpets and bowls have never ever been used."

As it was time for him to return onto the earth, the angel continued, "Satan is furious with your ministry. The Lord will send an angel to escort you to the earth. He will aid your ministry." The angel took him to the water of life; and with a cup, took some of that crystal clear water and gave him to drink.

The angel said, "Drink of this water and your strength will be renewed; your soul will never thirst." He drank from that water and felt a freshness in his mouth which was so refreshing to my soul. The angel then gave him a loaf to eat and said, "This is the manna that fell from heaven for the people of Israel to eat."

The angel then brought a big scroll unto him and said, "This is the scroll of revelations hidden for the last days. Eat this scroll; all this will strengthen your ministry for your own growth; for you will be used more in the Word, Revelations and Prophecies."

The best that could ever happen to us is to end up in Heaven and be with the Lord forever and ever and ever.

May this article strengthen s to begin to, or continue to seek the Lord with all our hearts, all our minds, all our soul and with all our strength. To God be the Glory in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

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