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Spiritual Meaning Of Broom In Your Dream

If you sweep with a broom in a dream, it means you are trying to eliminate curses, evil deposits, bad luck etc programmed in that house. To see broom in the spirit realm, symbolizes the need to wage against witchcraft powers. In some cases, a broom dream can be a warning sign that there is demonic presence in that house.

A dream where a broom broke in your hands, it means you are cursed not to use your hands to carry blessings or achieve your dreams. If you sweep dirty out of your house, consider yourself a happy person, because it means you are chasing out bad people, bad things associated with your life.

Are you trusting God for a particular thing and that thing is yet to manifest? So this dream tells you that good fortunes will locate you. However, if you see a broom tied together, it foretell unity, harmony, togetherness in your family. In the meantime, if you see bundle of room scattered on the ground, it means no peace in your family, business, organisation. It also means the devil is at work. When you see a person using broom to beat you or your child in your dream , that signifies a chronic bewitchment and destiny pollution.

It shows you experience delay, sorrow, destiny diversion, fruitlessness. Such person needs to go for deliverance. It shows that witchcraft is manipulating you seriously. Kindly embark on 3 days fasting between 6am to 3pm with Psalm 133, 1 Cor 1:10. Pray to God to scatter any evil covenant or curses that are delaying the blessings of God to prosper in your life.

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