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Check what is going on at Nima

Religious toleration is people permitting different people to assume or exercise other religions and beliefs. In a country with a country religion, toleration means that the authorities permits other religions to be there. Many countries in past centuries allowed different religions but only in privacy. This has come to be rare. Others allow public religion but exercise religious discrimination in other ways. It allow to observe and practice.

Christianity and Islam are the 2 biggest religions in the mother land Ghana and share a historic traditional connection, with a few major theological differences. The two faiths share a common believed. The only distinction between them is that, if you do not belongs to the other religion, you won't be allow to enter the worship premises.

The picture above is a clear case of religious tolerance in Ghana. Right at the forecourt of the Christ Apostolic church at Nima is where Muslims converge to have their jumuah(Friday prayers)..It's left with one thing, that Baba will allow.Peter to marry Rakiatu and we move.

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