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Eid would have much more significance if most Muslim beggars are taken off the streets: Blogger

This country has seen issues of beggars on the streets for a very long period of time. For some of these beggars, looking at them, there is no way they aren't going to make it in life, if they find something doing. They are energetic and can help contribute to the progress of our economy, if only they stay positive but sigh, they resort to the easy way.

We are in the Eid season, a season of love and unity amongst people but Bongo Ideas has once again come with a controversial topic regarding the celebration.

The blogger claims this period of celebration is very important but it would have had much more significance if Muslims help take chunk of the beggars, who are mostly Muslims, off the streets. This tweet has triggered most netizens as they think he went too far and also, this isn't the right time to talk about such an issue.

Some people think this is legit and must be looked into, others also think this isn't the right way to approach such an issue, and that Islam is even against begging. Well, you can make us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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