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Check Out What Is Written About Jesus Christ In The Quran

Islam and Christianity are the world's two most widely practiced religions today. Almost every country you visit will most likely have a Church and Christian faithful worshiping there, or a Mosque and Muslim faithful worshiping there. There are numerous churches and mosques in Nigeria's thirty-six provinces.

Despite their divergent beliefs and modes of worship, it's worth noting that Jesus Christ is mentioned in the Quran, the Muslim holy book. Jesus Christ is referred to as Isa in the Quran.

"O Mary!" reads Surah chapter 3:45. Allah gives thee glad tidings of a word from him; his name will be Jesus, the son of Mary, who will be held in high esteem in this world and the next, as well as among those closest to Allah. Other places in the Quran where Jesus Christ is listed are Surah 2:255, Surah 2:136, Surah 2:253, Surah 2:87, and Surah 3:48. It is important to note, however, that the Quaran regards Jesus Christ as a prophet.

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